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MAOL Higher Education - Student Services Concentration Courses

Lewis University's Organizational Leadership Graduate Program

Lewis Online FacultyThe Higher Education - Student Services concentration of Lewis University's online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree program offers training and expertise in administrative systems, organization, and functions related to student affairs departments at colleges and universities.

The concentration is made of up courses totaling 12 credit hours.

"Managing students—whether they are traditional college-age young adults or adults attending evening or online classes—is a special challenge. The curriculum of the Higher Education - Student Services concentration has been designed to respond to the changing face of the college and university experience."—Dr. Richard Walsh, Director of the Graduate Program in Organizational Leadership Studies at Lewis University

LL-516 Principles of Higher Education; Mission and Directions (3)

This course focuses on the governance and management issues of higher education and the interface between the social and political forces. It will develop the context for understanding public and private institutions, academic and administrative organization, and governance generally and as these affect student-institution relationships. Emphasis will be placed on connecting the historical perspectives of higher education with the current leadership/governance issues of today. Theoretical frameworks and organizational models will be used for analysis.

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LL-527 Building Teams (3)

The course concentrates on practices and combines the theory and application of team development. As a member of a group you will develop a work product and have the opportunity to improve your skills in observing and analyzing group behavior, determining the role and impact of leadership, and to improve your skills as a member and leader of a group. You will gain a theoretical understanding of group development within organizations, how teams differ from workgroups and how and when to develop high performance teams.

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LL-556 Systems and Services in Higher Education (3)

Reviewing the characteristics of the organization, administration, and functions of student affairs programs, this course looks at the concrete services offered. Perspectives in planning, annual rotation of events and services, staffing issues, foundational budgeting, and other areas of management will be reviewed. These services will be considered in regard to mission, diversity, traditional and non-traditional students. Participants will engage in actual design, and share in the implementation of student service initiatives in the learning context.

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LL-572 Adult Development: Learning Models and Practices (3)

This course uses the concepts of positive psychology to focus on the development of adults as individuals and persons living in the context of organizations with a focus on the role of leadership in promoting personal maturation and learning. Working with theories of human development, this course develops a foundation for understanding and facilitating adult growth. Psychometric instrument used in this course: VIA Survey of Character Strengths.

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