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Organizational Management Degree Online

Master's in Organizational Leadership from Lewis University

Gain an advanced insight into how to work with and manage people. The Organizational Management concentration of the online Master of Arts in Organization Leadership will instill within you the people-based management tools and tactics that will help you assess an organization and determine the best strategies for helping it reach its objectives and goals.

The courses in the Organizational Management concentration will focus on sound management tactics and strategies to effectively lead teams in order to ensure that an organization completes its objectives and reaches its goals. The online program will also give a broad perspective of employee based leadership, which will help you manage an organization of any size, culture and function.

Gain Career Flexibility

With an M.A. in Organizational Leadership with Organizational Management concentration, you'll gain management skills that are applicable to nearly every industry. Upon completion of the master's program, you'll be prepared to:

  • Practice and apply team development theory
  • Research and understand organizational culture
  • Strategically plan and manage employees in an increasingly diverse setting

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Gain the leadership and team building skills that create career excellence with the online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership at Lewis University. Call (866) 967-7046 to speak with a Graduate Admissions Counselor or click here to request more information.