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The Online Master of Science in Criminal/Social Justice

Join our legacy of leaders to change the face of justice.

The criminal and social justice field is in need of individuals with the passion to lead and join the next generation of professionals to defend against injustices. Lewis' online Master of Science in Criminal/Social Justice program will build upon your desire to make a difference in law enforcement while utilizing your years of experience defending the public. The online program will instill within you an advanced understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to critically analyze and ethically address the complex issues in contemporary society that criminal justice professionals are tasked with every day.

Practical Curriculum for Diverse Skills in Criminal Justice

The online Master of Science in Criminal/Social Justice is a 36-hour program designed to provide students with a solid, broad-based understanding of the field of criminal/social justice.

  • Core Courses: Courses emphasize organizational and management theory, the development of practical skills relating to the administration of criminal justice agencies and the ability to apply theory and research to address and resolve practical problems.
  • Electives: Diverse courses are offered to satisfy the academic interests and professional needs of students who are either currently employed or seeking employment in criminal justice administration, law enforcement, corrections, juvenile justice and homeland security.

Program Outcomes

Upon graduating from the Criminal Justice Master's program, you'll be prepared to:

  • Apply organizational and management theory to effectively manage personnel and efficiently allocate resources in the delivery of criminal/social justice services.
  • Demonstrate the ability to think critically about issues relating to crime and justice in contemporary society and apply creative solutions to address and resolve those issues.
  • Recognize how professional and ethical thinking are essential to building both a successful career and elevating the stature of criminal/social justice as a profession.
  • Recognize the preeminence of social justice, the responsibility for safeguarding human rights, and personal stewardship of social justice in all professional endeavors.
  • Work collaboratively with fellow practitioners and the community to jointly achieve common goals.

Protect Your Community and Advance Your Career

Gain the knowledge and skills to become an advocate for social justice.

  • Become part of a university that's an FBINAA Gold Academic Alliance Member.
  • Join the legacy of Lewis' criminal justice alumni community.
  • Learn diverse skills to excel in the fields of criminal justice administration, law enforcement, corrections, juvenile justice and homeland security.
  • Enter a robust graduate program that does not repeat, but instead builds upon the undergraduate program.

Career Opportunities for Criminal Justice Professionals

Lewis University's online M.S. in Criminal/Social Justice will give you the knowledge and skills needed to protect your community and become an advocate for social justice. The online program is ideal for students interested in a challenging, yet rewarding career in positions, such as a:

  • Corrections Officer
  • Criminologist
  • CIA Agent
  • Detective
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • ICE Agent
  • Police Officer
  • Probation Officer
  • Secret Service Agent

Tuition Reduction

Lewis University is offering reduced tuition for new Criminal/Social Justice students in the online program. Learn more.

Become a Leader in Criminal Justice and Social Change

Prepare to lead the law enforcement community with Lewis University’s Criminal/Social Justice Master’s program, available online and on-campus. Call (866) 967-7046 to speak with a Graduate Admissions Counselor or click here to request more information.