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Computational Biology and Bioinformatics: Two Fields Changing the World

Students of Lewis University's concentration and certificate in computational biology and bioinformatics can certainly expect to learn about cutting-edge technologies, and they will have opportunities to use their skills in hands-on settings. However, upon entering the program, some students may have misconceptions about where computational biology ends and where bioinformatics begins.

Demand for Data Scientists Outpaces Available Candidates

Harvard Business Review has called it the “sexiest job of the 21st Century.” It’s the data scientist, and the job category is one of the hottest job trends in years. Those with the good fortune to land one of these jobs are sometimes regarded as the new superheroes, or the job market’s “unicorns.”

What is the Best Programming Language for Data Science?

The debate over which programming language is best has raged through the ages – or at least, for the past couple of years. So overworked and seemingly endless have the disagreements become among computer programmers in recent years that humorists from the field sometimes claim that Socrates preferred Python while Plato was an advocate of Julia.

Lewis University Offers New Online Master of Science in Data Science Degree

Romeoville, IL (August 01, 2014) - Lewis University proudly announces the addition of its latest online degree program, a Master of Science in Data Science. The online Master of Science in Data Science program was crafted to instill within professionals a comprehensive understanding of big data analysis and management.