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Information Security, Cyber Security, and Job Security

The world of digital security is constantly evolving and adapting to fight threats from attacks around the world. Advances in technology and improved accessibility lead to ever-increasing amounts...
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Career in Information Security or Cybersecurity

Thanks to rapid advancements in technology and increased access to the ever-expanding and evolving Internet, jobs within the Information Technology (IT) field are booming.
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Information Security Jobs Outside of IT

There are many career paths available for individuals with MSIS degrees outside of traditional IT, such as security architecture, crime investigation and systems analysis.
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Top 3 High Profile Information Security Breaches of the 21st Century

Here are three of the top high profile information security breaches in the 21st century, and what they tell us about our technological weaknesses.
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How Big Data is Transforming Information Security

Big Data has changed the very nature of the information security field. It raises questions about privacy at public, private, consumer, government & business levels.
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Security Concerns for Wireless Systems

As wireless networks and devices proliferate, so do wireless security threats and wireless vulnerabilities.
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MSIS Students Take On Cyber Challenge

Three students in the MS in Information Security program participated in the Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge, a national competition that tests the ability to craft high-level policy recommendations for a major cyber threat.
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Career Paths in Information Security

On a cyber-level, companies are at risk each day for being hacked or subjected to malware. To effectively protect essential information, one of their most important assets, companies must find qualified individuals to protect and secure data. Read more

Insider Threat Detection

In many cases, the greatest cyber threats to companies originate inside their own system. Read more

Security Concerns in the Cloud

New methods of data storage have been introduced in the past decade, and as the world of information technology moves forward, advanced security measures are being taken to ensure the protection of user identities and data. Read more

The Evolution of the Computer Virus

With an increase in technological advances, society increasingly becomes at risk for hackers or other forms of cyber-attacks. Read more

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