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Infographic about The History of Cyber Warfare
<p>The History of Cyber Warfare</p> <p>This is a chronological order of some cyber warfare events.</p> <p>Worm attacks go back to the 1970s “ancestor worms” which are highly evolved and sophisticated today.</p> <p>Worm viruses created in 2003 to 2006 compromise computers which became members of the Botnet farms.</p> <p>From 2005 to 2007, internet Mafias like the Russian Business Network proliferate their reign on the web.</p> <p>2005 to present, hackers in China attack computers in the U S. Attacks of this nature are still continuing even today.</p> <p>August 13, 2006, Botnet Herders attack Microsoft wormhole.</p> <p>January 2007, 1 million computers remotely controlled network of “zombie” computers that has been linked by the Storm Worm, a Trojan horse spread through email spam.</p> <p> June 13, 2007, F B I operations called “Bot Roast” starts. The F B I goes after the Botnet farms.</p> <p>September 7, 2007, Multi Stage Botnet attack Ebay.</p> <p>August 27, 2008, N A S A confirmed that a worm was discovered on laptops on the International Space Station.</p> <p>November 30, 2008, The Pentagon computers were hacked by computer hackers suspected of working from Russia.</p> <p>December 25, 2008, India’s largest bank, the State Bank of India, was hacked by a hacker group from Pakistan.</p> <p>January 8, 2009, Israeli students developed a program that allows Israeli citizens computers to be controlled by an Israeli Hacker group that targets Pro-Hamas websites.</p> <p>December 2009, along with a Zero day attack on I E 6, 34 American companies were compromised including Google. During these attacks, intellectual property was stolen. China denies being involved in the attacks.</p> <p>Summer 2009, insurgents compromise U S drones. 26-dollar off the shelf Russian software was used by the insurgents to intercept live video feeds.</p> <p>Powered by Lewis University</p> <p>Sources include</p> <a href=""></a>