Target Your Leadership

An effective leader understands how each person plays a contributing role in an organization's success. Lewis University's online M.A. in Organizational Leadership is the key to unlocking the potential of your own leadership abilities, so you can impact your team, your business and your career. The program examines theories of organizational change, organizational behavior and organizational management, ensuring that you are prepared to take on a leadership role after graduation.

Ranked Top 10 Best Online Master of Organizational Leadership Degrees 2018*

The online organizational leadership program focuses on the human side of leadership in the workplace, focusing on how people function and how you can help them reach their full potential. The coursework is also based off of real-world examples and incorporates a Capstone Project, ensuring that what you learn in the classroom will be immediately applicable to your career.

Design How You Want to Lead

The 36-hour online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Lewis University in Romeoville, Ill. offers five unique concentrations, so you're able to customize your education in order to meet your professional aspirations and become an effective leader.

  • Higher Education Student Services: This concentration focuses on the skills that leaders need to be effective at the university level, helping to manage students' non-education needs, such as financial aid, residences and admissions. You will develop effective team-building skills and learn strategies in planning, design and delivery of student services. This interdisciplinary program combines a keen understanding of human behavior with leadership techniques and progressive management.
  • Nonprofit Management: Named among the Top 20 Online Master's Programs in Nonprofit Management Lewis offers a unique specialization tailored to offer training in people-focused strategies, tools and skills, and ways to apply them to nonprofit enterprises, such as charities, boards and associations. A master's degree is a valuable asset in the nonprofit world and is often required to move into high-level positions. Students will also be prepared with the necessary skills needed to start their own nonprofit initiatives with this concentration if they wish.
  • Organizational Management: This people-centric concentration will provide you with the management tools, leadership skills and understanding of human behavior to ensure employees work together effectively and efficiently. The topics covered throughout the course will help you target your leadership, so you can manage an organization of any size, culture or function.
  • Professional and Executive Coaching: Gain the vital skills needed to enable others to become influential leaders. This concentration utilizes a hands-on approach to develop your coaching skills and practices. The Professional and Executive Coaching concentration is also accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) and will provide all of the 125 training hours needed for ICF's ACC and PCC credentialing exams. In addition, this concentration has been approved by the Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) as a training program for the Board Certified Coach (BCC) certification.
  • Training and Development: Recognized by, this concentration focuses on the most effective practices and methods for training and teaching adults from diverse backgrounds and with varying learning styles, abilities and experience. Learn the skills to ensure that your employees have the proper training and knowledge in order to succeed in their roles.
A C T P. Accredited Coach Training Program. International Coach Federation. Board Certified Coach Lewis University - Best Online Master's in Training & Development 2018

The Master's in Organizational Leadership program from Lewis University online is overseen and delivered by some of the most respected leaders in the fields of organizational change and leadership. Students in the MAOL program will learn insights from a highly experienced faculty with varied professional backgrounds in organizational development, talent management, employee engagement, leadership consulting, strategic planning, conflict resolution, and many other fields related to organizational leadership.

Program Outcomes

After completing your master of organizational leadership degree, you will be able to:

  • Apply models to the practice of organizational change and leadership, conflict management and team building
  • Discuss the role of leadership in shaping organizational culture with particular emphasis on diversity, participative management and self-reflection
  • Implement critical-thinking and decision-making skills to enhance your leadership and overall organizational effectiveness

What Can You Do with an Organizational Leadership Degree?

A master's degree in organizational leadership will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to motivate others, implement organizational change, improve workplace culture, and generally be an effective manager. The theories, concepts and skills you will learn in pursuing an organizational leadership degree can be applied to any type of business or organization. Regardless of whether or not you live near the Lewis University campus in Romeoville, Ill., the online M.A. in Organizational Leadership is ideal if you are looking for the following career opportunities:

  • Business analyst
  • Corporate recruiter
  • Career counselor
  • Education administration coordinator
  • Financial service coordinator
  • Human resources manager
  • Leadership coach
  • Organizational development consultant
  • Operations manager

These are only a few of the challenging and rewarding positions that professionals with this advanced knowledge of organizational leadership can hold. Your mastery of leadership will be universally applicable in both the business and non-business world, meaning you will be highly desirable for a wide array of careers in several different industries and settings.

Apply Organizational Leadership Theories in Real Life

To help you advance within your existing company or gain employment elsewhere soon after completing your degree in organizational leadership, the program culminates with a Capstone Project that allows students to apply theories of organizational change and leadership to a real-life workplace scenario.

After conducting a detailed case analysis, students will present their findings and recommend a course of action based on the organizational leadership theories, principles and concepts presented in the MAOL curriculum. Students will then be able to discuss their Capstone project with employers to demonstrate their practical mastery of organizational leadership skills.

Learn More

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