Determine your career path and be the leader others choose to follow.

Become an influential leader in your organization. The online Organizational Leadership Master's program equips you with the foundation necessary to lead corporations, organizations and government offices in today's rapidly evolving world.

You'll also gain an array of skills that all employers value, such as:

  • Creative problem solving capabilities
  • Communication excellence
  • Critical and innovative thinking skills
  • Motivational team building
  • Strategic planning
  • Conflict management

An Array of Career Opportunities

Professionals with an M.A. in Organizational Leadership have a promising future in front of them, given that the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates job growth for training and development managers to increase by 11 percent within the next eight years. Those who choose to pursue a career in human resources can also expect to earn impressive salaries with any one of the roles shown below.

Salaries by Job from PayScale  Human Resource Manager: 78,159 dollars Human Resource Director: 79,472 dollars Human Resource Coordinator: 49,261 dollars Senior Human Resource Manager: 99,396 dollars Organizational Development Manager: 75,000 dollars Organizational Development Director: 92,580 dollars Vice President Human Resource: 101,470 dollars

Every industry needs individuals who understand how to properly lead and motivate others, which is why those with advanced education can find rewarding and challenging careers in:

  • Executive Leadership (CEO, CFO, Department Director) – a company’s culture is what keeps staff motivated during even the most difficult times, and company culture starts at the top. Members of an executive leadership team with a degree in Organizational Leadership understand the importance of creating a culture centered on performance-based goal setting, mutual respect, and investing in top talent.

  • Management (Training Manager, Marketing Manager) – managers who oversee the day-to-day operations of the company and its staff must develop a talent for respecting personnel and offering praise when someone goes above and beyond their job description. Great managers know that a small amount of appreciation can go a long way; a graduate program in Organizational Leadership teaches students this and many other nuanced elements of excellent leadership.

  • Consultant (Management Analyst, Strategy Consultant) – depending on their area of specialty, a consultant helps companies streamline business processes, find ways to increase revenue or reduce expenses, improve the return-on-investment for their marketing activities, or identify opportunities for training and development. A great consultant will be able to achieve this while also looking for ways to contribute positively to the company culture.

Having the skills necessary to lead, inspire, motivate, and utilize staff appropriately prepares you for a successful career in management. Lewis University’s graduate program in organizational leadership focuses on transforming students into servant leaders who focus on the growth and development of a team. Servant leaders serve a supportive role throughout the growth of their staff members. Lewis’ MAOL program will equip you to help teams of individuals achieve, grow, and succeed in their own roles.

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