Reviewing the characteristics of the organization, administration and functions of student affairs programs, this course looks at the concrete services offered. Perspectives in planning, annual rotation of events and services, staffing issues, foundational budgeting and other areas of management will be reviewed. These services will be considered in regard to mission, diversity, traditional and non-traditional students. Students will engage in actual design and share in the implementation of student service initiatives in the learning context.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the current context of student affairs/services in higher education.
  2. Examine the professional foundations and principles informing student affairs leadership.
  3. Describe the basis of the student affairs profession (e.g., setting, functional units, roles / responsibilities, legal considerations, current topics/issues, etc.).
  4. Summarize how to organize and manage programs and services in higher education.
  5. Identify the essential competencies required for effective leadership in student affairs.
  6. Review the future directions of the profession and the changes and roles that will be needed.

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