This course will review traditional management planning processes and then examine the planning process from a strategic perspective. Students will learn how to apply a variety of management tools and techniques for decision making and will develop strategic approaches to management decisions. This course is designed to encourage students to think strategically and operationally about organizations in an increasingly diverse management environment. Students develop a strategic plan in this course following the Bryson model.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the process of strategic planning/strategic management in an organization.
  2. Identify the role of leadership, collaboration, culture and ethics in strategic planning.
  3. Identify key strategic issues and considerations within an organization.
  4. Compare and contrast various models of strategic planning.
  5. Conduct a critical examination of an organization’s mission and vision statement.
  6. Utilize models and tools to analyze an organization’s strategic plan and formulate alternative strategies.
  7. Create a strategic plan using Bryson’s Strategy Change Cycle.

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