Make a Difference in Higher Education

Lewis University's online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Higher Education – Student Services will help you take your career in postsecondary education to the next level and enable you to make a lasting, positive impact on the students you work with. Acquiring new skills in planning and organization will ensure that you enjoy a long and successful career in the student services field.

The program delves into the skills needed to effectively manage student services, advising and assisting traditional and non-traditional students through courses related to higher education organizational leadership, such as:

  • The higher education mission and the institution-student relationship, along with relevant laws, standards and ethics
  • Planning, scheduling, staffing, and budgeting of student services programs using the Bryson model of strategic planning
  • Serving a culturally and demographically diverse student body, including non-traditional and international students
  • Effective team development and management to create a staff that anticipates and meets students' needs

The value of an advanced education and expertise is understood and appreciated in higher education, so a master's degree is a significant advantage for those seeking these types of non-academic-related positions in the postsecondary education field. In fact, many of these roles require individuals to hold a master's.

Careers in Student Services

Coordinating student services that fulfill students’ needs and expectations is becoming increasingly complex. The average student body is ever more diverse with demand for higher education growing in every sector of society. Specialized training in higher education student services will prepare you to fulfill any number of roles within a college or university’s student affairs departments.

A career in student services means combining superior organizational skills with a talent for communication and a passion for serving others. College can be an exciting, confusing, and stressful time for many students. Developing ways to help them make a smooth transition to college life can make a big difference in student success, retention, and graduation rates.

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