This course combines the theory and application of team development. As a member of a group, students will develop a work product and have the opportunity to improve their skills in observing and analyzing group behavior, as well as determining the role and impact of leadership. Students will improve their skills as a member and leader of a group. Students will gain a theoretical understanding of group development within organizations, how teams differ from work groups and how and when to develop high performance teams.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe a group according to systems theory and understand the impact of the organization environment on the development of a group.
  2. Distinguish between work groups and teams, and when to use each.
  3. Identify the elements affecting team performance and develop strategies for improvement.
  4. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of virtual teams, teaming across borders and time zones.
  5. Gain an appreciation for the dynamics of group process and team formation.
  6. Develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to facilitate team development.
  7. Analyze a group, identifying its structure, process elements, and stage of group development.
  8. Distinguish both the constructive and destructive roles that members unknowingly adopt in a group setting.
  9. Apply the most appropriate decision-making process to a given group situation.
  10. Gain awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses as a member or leader of a team and strategies for improvement.
  11. Assess a group's need for intervention, and the best timing and potential impact of different interventions on group behavior.
  12. Intervene effectively to change the direction of a group from a non-productive to a productive stage of growth.
  13. Develop ability to provide constructive feedback to team members and differentiate their performance on teams through peer evaluations.

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