This course will prepare students to read, develop and write financial text for organizational leadership. Organizational leadership involves the allocation and distribution of resources as well as an ongoing knowledge of the financial impact of the local, regional and national economies. Offering an overview of inter-relations of money and markets, investment and financial management, the course proceeds to develop concrete skills in regard to fiscal leadership. Designed as a graduate level focus on financial analysis, design and reporting from a leadership perspective, the course will provide students an opportunity to focus on organizational issues which have a financial impact on the entity.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify documents illustrating financial writing as text.
  2. Define how leaders manage and analyze financial resources.
  3. Explore the financial impact of local and national economies on organizations.
  4. Locate the financial resources leaders use to inform financial organizational decisions.
  5. Understand the terms and language associated with finance.
  6. Review how organizations record and communicate financial numbers.

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