Despite how skilled an employee is in a particular area, there's simply no substitute for the power of a team. Collaboration offers many benefits for both employees and the company, including a stronger sense of camaraderie, improved productivity and higher quality results. Use the below tips for building a high-performance team.

Give the Team a Clear Goal

Even the best team will flounder without a clearly defined goal. Ensure that your team knows what's expected of them. They should have a thorough understanding of the project at hand, as well as a list of due dates they need to meet. This way, you'll know well ahead of time if the project is running behind schedule, allowing for problem solving early on.

Identify a Team Leader

The team leader plays an important role. The individual will facilitate ongoing communication between members, ensure the group stays on task and offer necessary resources for the project at hand. While every member of the group should realize that they are bringing skills of equal importance, effective teams can't function well without a leader to spearhead initiatives. It's important that this leader maintains a proactive attitude. The best leaders are energetic, involved and excited about the project at hand.

Encourage Open Communication

Disney's Imagineers are known for their anything-goes approach to their projects. This "blue sky" form of brainstorming allows for absolutely any idea, no matter how unusual or inconceivable. If you want your team to accomplish goals beyond what you thought was possible, you may find tremendous value in this approach.

Wide-open lines of communication will also make it easier for team members to share ideas and make suggestions. Bring all departments together and encourage communication between all parties without restrictions.

Provide Feedback Often

A team can't function cohesively if there isn't a consistent flow of feedback between members. While the team leader should take charge on this front, it isn't a one-way street, and it's not exclusive to the role of the leader. Forbes contributor Glenn Llopis notes that feedback can act as a team's "greatest enabler for continuous improvement."

Actively Participate in Team Building

Organize team-building activities from time to time that will strengthen your team's relationship. Graduate-level courses on building teams can give ample insight into the delicate nature of a professional team and offer ideas and suggestions for strengthening your own groups.

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