The complex and dynamic landscape of today’s workplace requires thoughtful and flexible leaders. Lewis University’s Master's degree in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) lets you begin or advance your career in the face to today’s workplace challenges. 

An MAOL degree focuses on teaching the skills and knowledge to be effective with the people side of leadership, which includes fostering relationships, empowering employees and helping workers reach their full potential. The possible leadership careers you can pursue with these in-demand skills transcend most industries.

People Oriented Leadership Skills

According to a 2016 Wall Street Journal Article, many companies have difficulty finding applicants with sought after soft skills such as interpersonal communication, critical thinking and teamwork. Lewis University’s M.A. in Organizational Leadership can help you learn these type of personal skills and apply them towards becoming an effective leader when navigating organizational changes, managing conflicts and building teams.

In addition, an advanced leadership degree can prepare you for changes in organizational culture, which many organizations desire today. Forbes identified up and coming work trends for 2017, including an increased focus on improving employee experiences and diversity among full-time employees and freelancers working together. Taking a leadership role in these workplace situations requires adept skills in the people side of business, which is the focus of Lewis’ MAOL program. 

Careers in Organizational Leadership

The organizational leadership degree at Lewis offers a diverse set of skills that apply to leadership careers ranging from higher education administration to coaching. The program offers four concentrations that allow you to customize your education towards your desired career path. Some in-demand options include:

  1. Director of Training and Development (T&D) 
    Our Training and Development Concentration gives you the skills you need to work directly with organizational employees by overseeing training staff and organizing programs to enhance employees' skills. Like Human Resources Management, this position is available in nearly every industry. According to the BLS, the average salary for a T&D Director is around $102,640 per year with a projected 7% job growth between 2014 and 2024. 
    Learn More: Download our T&D Guide >>
  2. Human Resources Manager 
    Among some of the top human resources trends, learning to navigate the differences between the baby boomers poised to retire and the millennials entering the work force, while helping both groups thrive, remains a top concern. Our Organizational Management Concentration prepares you to navigate organizational needs and work with top-level executives on strategic planning, oversee training of new staff and act as a link between employees and the management team.
  3. Management Consultant 
    According to, the median salary for management consultants was $86,063 in 2016. While some management consultants work on the day-to-day business operations, those with an MAOL Professional and Executive Coaching Concentration may move into a specific consultative role, such as leadership coaching. In 2016, Google expanded their personal development team for an initiative that would train future leaders and connect their employees with the resources needed to enrich their personal and professional lives. 
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  4. Higher Education 
    Do you want to advance your leadership career in postsecondary education? The Higher Education Concentration prepares students for roles such as Dean or Associate Dean as well as other administrative positions on campus such as student services, academic advising and financial services. BLS states the median annual salary is $88,580, and job growth from 2014 to 2024 is projected to be faster than average at 9 percent. 

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