As of 2016, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that more adults are college-educated than ever before. This trend towards a preference in earning an advanced degree reflects current market demand as employers increasingly view a college education as a job requirement, according to The Washington Post. Rising college enrollments have led to a high demand for education administration jobs. During the first quarter of 2016, jobs in higher education saw nearly a 1 percent increase, resulting in the largest first quarter growth in that field since 2013, according to HigherEdJobs.

With increased opportunity in the higher education realm of student services, administration-level professionals are also benefitting from attractive earning potential in the field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports post-secondary education administrators now earn an average salary of $88,580. However, the agency shows a growing preference for education administrator candidates that have earned an advanced degree, such as a master's degree in organizational leadership. Projected growth in the post-secondary education administration field is about 9 percent through 2024, with an anticipated 15,200 new positions being added during this time.

Non Teaching Jobs in Education

Post-secondary school administration is predominantly comprised of non teaching jobs in education, and the field offers plenty of rewarding opportunities that can have a crucial impact on the lives of students. Rewarding school administration jobs include:

  • Admissions Administrator
    College admissions departments offer an array of diverse non-teaching education jobs that directly impact students as well as the academic staff. Admissions administrators help determine how many students a school can admit during a given year. They also meet with prospective students, assist with the application process, prepare promotional materials and educate high school counselors about the institution. Admissions department professionals also review student applications and analyze enrollment data to help enhance overall school operations and resources.
  • Student Affairs Manager
    From campus living to recreational activities, student affairs managers may be involved in a host of efforts that shape social life on campus and influence students’ academic performances. Job responsibilities may include organizing intermural programs, planning school functions and Greek events, and coordinating with the student housing department. Also, student affairs managers may have to advise students on a personal level such as housing issues and academic achievements or serve as a liaison between students and campus officials. Additionally, they may work with multicultural affairs departments to ensure diverse programming is available across the campus.
  • Registrar
    Registrars are instrumental in maintaining and updating student records to help keep students on track and working towards graduation. Registrars assist students with class registration and educational planning to determine an ideal schedule and pace for their workload. They may also plan commencement ceremonies and prepare transcripts and diplomas to ensure success following graduation. Once students have graduated, registrars review student and class data to improve scheduling and class sizes going forward.
  • Academic Dean
    Academic deans help instill strong academic standards by developing and implementing academic policies as well as making faculty appointments and tenure decisions. In addition, they manage budgets and coordinate activities connected to specific departments to ensure students and teachers have access to the resources and support they need.

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