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Training and Development guideEffective training and development professionals are in high demand at businesses, non-profits, educational facilities and government agencies across the country. In today’s rapidly-evolving, highly-competitive landscape, top executives have come to recognize the transformative role that top-notch training and leadership professionals play within an organization.

Training and development staff are pivotal in shaping the success of an organization. They help recruit, hire and onboard team members. They also play a role in creating a setting where employees want to stay and grow. Their job role is not just about developing talent, but also how to keep that talent engaged and growing as the organization matures.

Want to know more? Lewis University’s online Master’s in Organizational Leadership program has created a free, comprehensive career guide that explains the various ways a training and development manager can serve an organization. The guide considers the roles they play, the contributions they make, as well as the tools and methodology they employ to measure success. The guide also offers an in-depth look at current training and development jobs and projected salary opportunities.

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