Only a third of U.S. workers consider themselves “engaged” while at work. Employers hoping to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment will have to overcome this obstacle. Employees lacking a sense of engagement can undermine the bottom line with poor productivity and low morale. However, research shows employees who feel valued, trusted and engaged tend to work harder and feel connected to an organization’s success.

Training and development (T&D) professionals apply many different methods of training to encourage motivation and produce a sense of engagement among employees. The infographic, 6 Ways to Motivate Employees, featured below highlights successful tactics T&D professionals often utilize to help create and maintain a culture of engagement. Which motivational technique appeals to you?

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Keeping Employees Engaged

An organizational approach for T&D professionals to build a positive, engaging environment is promoting an employee recognition program that celebrates a strong work ethic and successful performance This technique could even be incorporated into introducing a company-wide incentive program to reward productivity or additional training on a regular basis. By establishing motivational initiatives, upper management demonstrates to employees that their efforts and insights are valued and appreciated.

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