This course introduces the student to the modeling, identification, and control of robotic systems. The course focuses on the implementation of identification and control algorithms on a two-link robot. Topics include the mathematical modeling of robotic systems and the analysis, simulation, and implementation of both linear and nonlinear representations of such systems. The design and integration of sensors and actuators and algorithms for responding and controlling these devices will be pursued.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Students will have to assemble various portions of the open source 3D printed robot.
  2. Students will learn to organize a complex assembly starting from planning and blueprints including assembling tools and material lists.
  3. Students will understand the process by which hardware, such as motors and servers, are controlled by software in an embedded controller.
  4. Students will learn to work on a team and coordinate a complex build effort.
  5. Student learning outcomes are evaluated through successful completion of various stages of assembling the robot parts.

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