An introduction to discrete structures, this course covers such topics as sets, functions, relations, basic logic, proof techniques, the basics of counting and probability, algorithms, graphs and trees.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Work with set theory notation including membership, union, and intersection operators.
  2. Draw and interpret Venn diagrams.
  3. Determine whether relations are reflexive, transitive, symmetric or antisymmetric.
  4. Determine whether functions are one-to-one, onto and invertible.
  5. Compute truth tables for logic expressions.
  6. Draw and evaluate circuit diagrams.
  7. Use various proof techniques including: direct proof, proof by contradiction, induction.
  8. Determine the number of items and orderings in sets using counting principles.
  9. Compute various probabilities.
  10. Represent a graph using an adjacency matrix.
  11. Perform basic operations on tree structures.

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