CPSC-50100 and CPSC-50600

The best way to defeat a hacker is to code like one. That means being able to build, extend, and manipulate scripts and applications that compromise systems. This course presents a number of techniques for exploiting vulnerabilities in a variety of computer systems. Students will build port scanners, construct botnets, write exploits, create their own forensic analysis and network traffic analysis tools, develop web reconnaissance applications, implement scripts for examining and exploiting a wireless network, and craft malware that evade antivirus tools.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Programming in Bash, Python, Windows PowerShell, and PHP.
  2. How to use network analysis tools including Nmap and Netcat.
  3. How to write programs that exploit vulnerabilities in Linux and Windows operating systems.
  4. How to write programs that exploit website vulnerabilities.

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