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CPSC-56000 Securing Windows

CPSC-50600 and CPSC-51500

This is a hands-on course that focuses on current strategies crackers use to attack Windows systems and how system administrators may counteract such attacks.

Learning Objectives:

  1. General Windows security concepts, threats and malware protection.
  2. Windows authentication and access control security.
  3. System auditing and intrusion detection.
  4. Group policy and system hardening.
  5. System updating, deployment, and application protection.
  6. Physical and network security.
  7. Digital Certificates, PKI, and IIS web server security.
  8. Web browser, remote access, virtualization and cloud security.

YOUR OPPORTUNITY: You will learn how Microsoft Windows servers manage accounts and services. You will also learn how to configure Windows servers to provide maximum protection to your most prized data assets.

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