Build Your Career in the Cloud and Enter a $53 Billion Business1

The cloud computing revolution is here. From finance to entertainment, analytics to social media, people across the world rely on cloud-based apps every day. By 2021, cloud computing is expected to reach $53.3 billion in business—more than double its value in 2017—with 90 percent of companies using cloud-based solutions.1

Cloud computing has taken off thanks to its unparalleled flexibility and cost savings, and this explosive growth means tons of opportunities for professionals with the skills to put it to use.

Future-proof your career and find your place in the cloud with the Enterprise and Cloud Computing concentration of Lewis University's online M.S. in Computer Science.

LinkedIn ranked cloud computing the No. 1 most in-demand skill of 2019, writing:

"As the world rushes toward the cloud, companies are desperately searching for engineers who have the skills to accommodate this demand."2

Career Spotlights

  • Cloud Solutions Architect: In this position, you might help a company transition to the cloud or manage and monitor its current cloud strategy. This position requires knowledge in programming, best practices, and an understanding of systems architecture. Cloud solutions architects earn an average annual salary of $119,171.3
  • Cloud Network Engineer: As a cloud network engineer, you would help migrate services to the cloud and oversee software and hardware to ensure all cloud-based resources are reliable and accessible. Ranked the No. 8 most in-demand tech job of 2019,4 cloud network engineers earn an average annual salary of $112,466.5
  • Cloud Consultant: In this position, you'd work directly with your clients to solve their problems using the cloud. Being a cloud consultant requires strong communication skills, as you'd need to listen to your clients closely to discover the best cloud-based solution and explain why it will meet their needs. Cloud consultants earn an average annual salary of $75,576.6

Amazon Web Services, the leader in the field of enterprise cloud computing,

reported 41% revenue growth in Q1 2019, with $7.7 billion in sales.7

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Meet the Cloud Skills Demand

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