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Computer Science Program Resources

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is the study and practice of computers “learning” to solve a complex problem without being explicitly programmed.

What is the Best Programming Language for Data Science?

The debate over which programming language is best has raged through the ages – or at least, for the past couple of years. So overworked and seemingly endless have the disagreements become among computer programmers in recent years that humorists from the field sometimes claim that Socrates preferred Python while Plato was an advocate of Julia.

Bring Your Own Device: A Security Challenge

It should come as no surprise that employees are using personal devices to complete company business. In a recent survey 60 percent of employees are allowed to connect their devices to their corporate network.

How Big Data is Transforming Information Security

Big Data has changed the very nature of the information security field. Over the last several years, the concept of seemingly impossibly large amounts of consumer and industry data (aka Big Data) has made frequent appearances in the news due to the questions it raises about information security and privacy on the public, private, consumer, government and business levels.

What is Information Security?

At the most basic level, information security refers to the practice of protecting information from unauthorized access, modification and destruction. In today’s increasingly technology-driven world a company’s information assets are often key to their business and the bad guys know it.

Career in Information Security or Cybersecurity

Thanks to rapid advancements in technology and increased access to the ever-expanding and evolving Internet, jobs within the Information Technology (IT) field are booming.