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Tim McCarthySuccess. It's the common trait shared by Lewis graduates. Lewis empowers graduates to join the next generation of leaders whose strong work ethic and tenacity allows them to protect and defend human rights and social justice at a higher level.

Meet Lewis Alumnus Tim McCarthy

Tim McCarthy was the Secret Service agent who was wounded when he put himself in the line of fire to protect President Ronald Reagan during an assassination attempt in 1981. He is a Lewis University alumnus and the current Chief of Police of Orland Park, IL. Below, Tim talks about his decision to attend Lewis University to earn his master's degree from Lewis' Department of Justice, Law and Public Safety Studies.

Why did you pursue a Master of Science in Criminal Justice (MSCJ)?

Policing and police management is an increasingly complex occupation from the patrol officer right up to the Chief of Police. Obtaining a MSCJ helps insure that you are exposed to all of the tools, techniques, best practices, research and information to help you do your job as efficiently and effectively as possible. In this profession, you often have to do things right the first time and every time. The MSCJ degree helps provide you with a database of information to do just that.

Why did you choose Lewis?

Lewis had several advantages that other schools did not: they have a great reputation within the law enforcement community for the quality of education; they held classes at several different locations that provided a great deal of convenience; and finally, Lewis provided an unparalleled level of networking with the instructors and with law enforcement professionals from around the region.

Tell us about being a student at Lewis.

The camaraderie, networking and contact with other law enforcement professionals in an academic environment rather than our official roles was a wonderful experience.

How did Lewis prepare you for your career?

I was pretty far along in my career path when I attended Lewis; however, I believe that education helps you to remain competitive, informed and as relevant as possible in an ever-changing law enforcement environment.

What would you tell others considering pursuing this degree?

Do it now. I received a big push from a close friend who was then the Director of Criminal Justice at Lewis and former First Deputy Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department. Without his encouragement, I would have delayed pursuing my MSCSJ and may not have done it at all.

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