Solve Pressing Problems with Data Expertise and Biological Understanding

"Whether it is health wearables or on-demand testing, better hospital software or algorithms capable of catching disease more effectively, rapid change is taking place because of increased access to big data and advanced data analytics." – Lloyd B. Minor, M.D., Stanford University School of Medicine

The data needs of the health care industry are growing every year, and professionals with a mastery of data analysis—both large and small—are bound for success.

The growth of this field is driven by our aging population and its demand for more extensive and diverse healthcare services. In addition, quality healthcare relies more on technology and data. By 2020, the amount of healthcare data created is estimated to reach 2.5 billion gigabytes.

This data must be distilled, deciphered and deployed to help healthcare providers offer their patients even better care. Lewis University's online Master of Science in Data Science in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics concentration prepares you to address that need and build a remarkable career.

"Today's bioinformaticists are in for a real treat ... Scientists who can analyze large amounts of information and present it in a clear manner to decision-makers are finding the sky is the limit in terms of jobs and career pathways, especially in the big pharma and biotech sectors." – Alaina G. Levine, Science magazine

Define Your Future

What happens when you combine Data Scientist—the No.1 job in America and 9th most promising job of 2018—with Life Science? A promising career in computational biology and bioinformatics!

Learn to harness data science's most sophisticated methods, including data mining, data visualizing, and predictive modeling, to solve biological issues. Work at the intersection of life science and data science with a transformational skill set that prepares you to support data-driven decision-making that improves people's lives.

A data science career path offers a median base salary of $110,000, scores high in both job satisfaction and advancement potential, and offers you access to thousands of jobs nationwide. Prepare yourself for rewarding and challenging work with positions like these:

  • Clinical data analyst
  • Healthcare compliance lead analyst
  • Product analyst
  • Rx benefit analyst
  • Senior health informatics analyst
  • Data researcher
  • Computations genomics scientist
  • Data engineer
  • Compound management manager
  • Data statistician

You will gain a deep understanding of statistics, data mining, biotechnology research and technical skills to thrive in this field. You will master the skills necessary to streamline your workflow by creating data storage solutions and innovative ways to utilize data on-site.

Even as technology becomes more essential to healthcare and the field itself grows, very few people are currently working in computational biology and bioinformatics data. Set yourself apart by earning your data science master's degree with a concentration in computational biology and bioinformatics.

How to Learn More About Advancing Your Career

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