The student will pursue a research project that makes a scholarly contribution to existing knowledge and practice in the field of data analytics as it is applied to the Life Sciences. The student will write a formal thesis that documents the conduct, results, and conclusions of his or her project. Upon successful completion of the thesis, the student will submit the paper for review by a thesis committee consisting of faculty in the Biology and Computer Science departments, along with possibly additional experts from industry. The student will make an oral defense of the work to the thesis committee. BIOL 51200 and a minimum of 24 hours earned in the MS Data Science program.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Incorporate scholarly content from a variety of sources into a scholarly work of their own.
  2. Design experiments that yield data appropriate to answering a question or solving a problem.
  3. Analyze the data from experiments to draw conclusions that support or reject a given hypothesis.

YOUR OPPORTUNITY: You'll establish yourself as an expert in data mining as it applies to the life sciences through your own research conducted under the guidance of Lewis professor.

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