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Online M.S. in Data Science - Computer Science Concentration

Turn your Programming Skills into Effective Big Data Discovery Tools.

The online Master of Science in Data Science in Computer Science concentration at Lewis University is designed to give you an edge when it comes to understanding and managing big data across a variety of computer platforms.

During the duration of the program, students will be responsible for designing and developing computing systems that enable processing, interpreting, and presenting large data sets in an organized fashion. The curriculum is designed and delivered by Lewis’s Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

The coursework will prepare you to:

  • Write software in modern languages that manage, query, and visualize large data sets on a number of computing platforms
  • Create large-scale data storage systems that meet the requirements of a given problem, including prescribing the hardware, software, and communication links that comprise such systems
  • Learn innovative ways to utilize data and handle data storage and encryption
  • Master new data analysis methods and statistical analysis tools
  • Design, implement, document, and present a computer system that can handle the data science tasks of a particular application
  • Build large-scale data platforms that are mobile-friendly and accessible to users in a variety of environments

The skills you learn during the program will be applicable within the many fields that now focus heavily on data-driven decision making. Being able to sort, analyze, and test big data sets for industries including pharmaceuticals, sports management, education and more will strengthen your credentials in an increasingly competitive job market.

Decoding the Mysteries of Data Science

Lewis University's online M.S. in Data Science concentration in Computer Science provides you with high-quality, hands-on, and team-oriented lesson plan designed to deepen and broaden your understanding of data science theory and techniques so that you can create real-world solutions to some of today's most pressing data problems. At the end of your studies, the capstone course will provide you with the opportunity to present a scholarly paper that presents your independent technical research which solves an existing issue within the data science industry.

Should I Apply for a Computer Science Concentration?

Students who are looking for a challenging, research-intensive graduate program of study in data science will find Lewis University’s master’s in data science in computer science to be a great fit. Individuals who enjoy working with technology, learning how to visualize data, and how to sift through it will leave this program well prepared for a successful career in the computer science field.

How Can I Learn More?

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