A study of computer organization, data types, expressions, logical structures, subprograms (subroutines and functions), recursion, structured data types (arrays and records), dynamically allocated data, array-based lists, linked lists, stacks, queues, graphs, trees, sorting, and searching.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To write algorithms, which are step-by-step plans for solving problems.
  2. To use editing, compiling, and execution tools for C++, and, to a lesser extent, for Java and PHP.
  3. To declare variables and constants with the appropriate data types in C++, Java, and PHP.
  4. To perform basic input and output in C++, Java, and PHP.
  5. To write selection statements like if and switch in C++, Java, and PHP.
  6. To write repetition statements like if and switch in C++, Java, and PHP.
  7. To break code into modules called functions in C++, Java, and PHP.
  8. To work with data structures like structs and arrays in C++.
  9. To write scripts that build and query databases in SQL.
  10. To build database-driven websites that use HTML, MySQL, and PHP.

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