(CPSC-50200 or DATA-50000) and (CPSC-50100, or DATA-51100, or prior programming experience)

Introduction to the field of artificial intelligence. This course covers the study of intelligent agent design and rational decision making. Topics include: goal-driven agents, search techniques, optimization, constraint satisfaction problems, logic, knowledge-based agents, probability and utility theory, Bayesian networks, and the basics of machine learning.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain the design of intelligent agents.
  2. Demonstrate basic heuristic search strategies and algorithms.
  3. Discuss techniques underlying game programs.
  4. Employ knowledge representation techniques.
  5. Use various strategies of reasoning.
  6. Use machine learning algorithms.
  7. Explain the concepts of intelligent agents and rationality.
  8. Employ a variety of artificial intelligence techniques for solving problems.
  9. Describe how intelligent agents can learn over time.

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